Chosen and Loved

A Poem based on ephesians 1:3-14

Written for my grandson, Chosen and Loved is a poem based on the first chapter of Ephesians in the Bible. It teaches us who we are in Christ and the treasure trove of blessings that we have access to here on earth and in life everlasting. Once we understand how truly blessed we are, we can live life to the fullest. If we teach our children early on that they are chosen by God and lavishly loved, it'll give them a head start to live confidently rooted in their identity in Christ -- regardless of the world around them.

Building strong children with the truth found in God's Word -- one book at a time.


Be Still My Heart

Bible Verse Coloring Pages

Read, meditate and soak in the beautiful Word of God as you color the different heart designs on each page.

Filling your mind and heart with the Word of God is one of the best things you can do with your life. Not only will it deepen your relationship with God, but His Word becomes part of you and shapes you into the person He created you to be.

His Word goes into your mind, is received in your spirit, sinks into your heart, comes out of your mouth, is seen through your character, and God's presence in you becomes evident by the "fruit" that you leave behind, everywhere you go. It's that "fruit" that blesses and touches the hearts of anyone and everyone you interact with along your journey of life.

I Am With You

Expect Miracles

"I Am With You - Expect Miracles" is a workbook designed for you to take along on your mission trips to help you stay focused and mission-minded. Strength, Light, Identity, Protection, Servanthood, the Heart of Jesus, and Sharing the Gospel are just a few topics woven throughout the pages. They come straight from the Word of God for you to meditate on and soak into your spirit.

I invite you to fall in love with Jesus through His Word and allow Him to reach those places in your heart that need to be filled. The Bible tells us that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks (Luke 6:45). My prayer is that every word you say during your journey, will come from a place that's overflowing with God's goodness. So much so, that it spills into the lives of everyone you meet along the way. Let's stay focused on the promptings of the Holy Spirit and be ready to serve wherever He is moving. Everything we do is...


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